Pokemon Go: Rare Pokemon List and How to Catch Them

In the chase to catch them all. Pokemon Go users are finding that positive kind are particularly indefinable. Players around the world is extremely and extensively hunting down Pokemon like Dratini, Electabuzz and Lapras.

Players have begun to pull together a record and diagram of the rarest Pokemon in the game. So you can have a thought of why you’re struggling to catch certain species. And so you can boast when you deal with to find one. It must be noted even if that this rarity depends largely on your vicinity.

Oftentimes Pokemon that never show to someone in one state are teeming the town in another state.

Though RotonGuy a Reddit user has collected a pretty supportive chart of what Pokemon usually seem be the rarest while your mileage may differ.

It should furthermore be noted that even though each Pokemon appears to have an ordinary habitation that it’s commonly linked with. That’s not to say they can never been initiated outside of these region. Even Pokemon that normally seem to generate around water can also erratically go off in your bedroom if you’re fortunate enough. But for this list we’ll go over information from players to pin down where the rare Pokemon seem be found more often than not.

Here are the list of the 15 rarest Pokemon in the Pokemon Go. And what you may clever to do to enlarge your chances of finding them.


Listed under the “Epic” group on the Reddit list. As it is commonly one of the more hard Pokemon to discover in the game. Dratini can occasionally be found close to places associated with water. Many players have reported catching the species near lakes, rivers, or in parks. That isn’t to say going to the water will give you assurance that you will catch Dratini but it may enhance your chances.

Beaches also look be a fine place to capture Dratini. Essentially if there’s a huge bulk of water in the area. Continue to look out for a Dratini emergence. Still one Reddit player truly reported to have set up one in a park that didn’t contain a bulk of water near it but that had a many of fountains. So Dratini could also just pop up in any area linked with water at all.

And if you’re tremendously fortunate. You could get a Dratini in absolutely casual no water spot at all. As some player have been lucky enough to have a Dratini show up in their house. If that’s the issue, you sure are in bless.

After all if you’re hatching 10km you can get a Dratini


Moreover on the “Epic” list is Magnemite. One more Pokemon that is commonly rare. A nice location to start with is by power plants or industrial place because it’s an Electric/Steel type. Some players have also shared to seeing Magnemite increased the chances of Magnemite spawns during thunderstorms. Even though this is probably just an accident. Going out and exploring your town during a precarious rainstorm most likely isn’t the intelligent plan.

Magnemite is also one of those Pokemon where the rarity is different considerably depending on your vicinity even more so than usual. Some users practically certainly not see Magnemites while others come across of them each particular day.

Magnemite will be hatch if you walk from 5km eggs. It’s your best opportunity if you find it hard to find in your place.


Subsequently on the “Epic” group is Electabuzz. As it’s an electric type it can usually be found in urban surroundings and in places with a lot of cables and a high attentiveness of electrical wires. In areas where you’d perhaps come upon a considerable quantity of electricity in actual life. Electabuzz maybe lie in wait around.

Oddly though a many of users have also found Electabuzz in areas you wouldn’t generally associated with this creatures. Similar to one Reddit user who found a huge bunch of them at an arboretum.

On the egg hatching part of stuff. The distance of 10km eggs you can hatched Electabuzz.


On the “Epic” part of the list as well Hitmonchan is one of them. You can found this Pokemon in the areas associated with exercise like real life gyms and parks simply because it’s a fighting Pokemon.

A few have also across them about in sports stadiums. Whereas still others walking from golf courses and mountains got their Hitmonchan. If it’s a place someone passionate about fitness may hang out. Hitmonchan may make an outward show.

Distance by a 10km egg you can hatched Hitmochan.


Another exceptionally rare Pokemon is Hitmonlee which included into the “Epic” section. Pokemon that is fighting type as well. So it can in general be found in the same areas as Hitmonchan. You can catch for it in places connected with exercise, like gyms, parks and sports stadiums.

Same with Hitmonchan. Distance with 10km egg you can hatched Hitmonlee.


Then it’s Chansey an ordinary sort of Pokemon. A little further where to find it is unclear. Players been reported where Chansey is normally located. And this creature is a healer. Many have said they have found it close to areas related with healthiness approximating hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. But this purely accident is still unconfirmed

Mainly though players have said that they catch their Chansey not in the wild. But by simply hatching eggs particularly 10km eggs. Well if this is the case hatching will your best option


A Pokemon that is constantly rarer than the earlier creature being listed in the “Mythical” division of the Reddit chart. Lapras is not the only one of the slightest ordinary Pokemon in the app. But it’s also one of the toughest and so it’s comprehensible why it’s so hunted after. It’s a water and ice group Pokemon. Most Lapras holders have said that they found it close to area linked with water. Like lakes, beaches, piers, etc.

In reality an immense crowd lately formed at Santa Monica Pier purposely because a Lapras had come out in the place.

Furthermore one player on Reddit loving Lapras while kayaking.

Many players hatching Lapras by 10km eggs.


This type of creatures is also part of the “Mythical” list of tremendously rare Pokemon aside from Lapras. This is another common form with no clear usual environment. However and thus far it’s been rather unclear if there are any steady places to find it. With most players saying to have found Snorlax in absolutely casual sites. This one might just be a luck for the draw.

Still you should have good chance to acquire Snorlax from an egg. 10km egg particularly.



Pokemon that is lastly listed is on the “Mythical” category is Porygon. And thus if you notice this guy burst up on your nearby tracker, you’re leaving to want to drop what you’re doing and pursue after it.

This Pokemon is a standard kind and its emergence’s hence far seem to be the generally casual of any of the Pokemon on the list. Some players have under no circumstances come close to finding a Porygon. While others have found out one in their bedroom. It’s not yet understandable if there is any basis to this one.

Walking and eager to find a Porygon your greatest option to get one of these horrific boys is to keep on hatching eggs. As many players got this by a 5km egg.

Rarest Pokemon

At long last, we have the supreme rarest Pokemon in the app. Mew, Mewto, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno and Ditto.

Rare might be the wrong phrase for them in fact as exactly no one has so far found out these Pokemon. Actually there are several discussions about whether they are really in the game at all. Still, players have just learned that the names Mew, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno do certainly become visible in the game’s source code.

It is commonly considered that these Pokemon will be adding to the game afterward. Possibly suitable obtainable at exceptional events like San Diego Comic-Con. Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. It could also maybe turn out to be exclusively associated with a competition among the three teams. Instinct, Mystic, and Valor.

Whichever way, for now, it materializes that not any of these six Pokemon is catch-able in the game. Even though this is all presently rumor from a player and has not been confirmed from the developer. We will expect to take notice of more at Comic-Con. But pointless to say. If you spot any of these Pokemon in the wild you might want to get on that. As you will plainly be making gaming records.

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