Mutants Genetic Gladiator Cheats

Here comes our mutants genetic gladiator cheats for everyone ! as you know MGG is one of the trending games in facebook with over 1 million users and counting. mutants genetic gladiator is a breeding and combat hybrid Facebook game. The game play is very similar to Dragon City.

In this game, you breed different types of mutants and use them to fight in arenas or against other players. The goal is to become the best PvP or breeder in the game. It is up to you to decide which one you would like to be. You can also be both. Enough said i know what you were looking ! free cash and golds right ?

 How to get free golds using our mutants genetic gladiator cheats ?

With golds you can do anything you want, buy credits, mutants and recovery items.. it can also speed up your leveling and also some cool stuff on this game. Check out our new release on mutants genetic gladiator cheats you will be amaze on this cool tool made by our dedicated coders.


Mutants genetic gladiator cheats options

  • Cheat for gold
  • Cheat for credits
  • Remove time waiting when building or breeding
  • Mutant Mods for speed and life points ( This option will ONLY work when your on campaigns)
  • Full health every time you start a battle
  • Experience multiplier
  • Safe from cheats detection

Cant wait to use our mutants genetic gladiator cheats to get unlimited golds ? be sure to rate, like and watch our video demo before clicking the download button below



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